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The Exeland Area Association held their annual Packers Tailgate Party on Main Street on Sunday, Oct. 8th. It was a beautiful sunny day and a lot of local Green Bay Packers fans showed up for the fun event. The costume contest winners were: BEST DRESSED INDIVIDUAL: Kristy Gordon (Exeland); BEST DRESSED COUPLE: Ron & Jackie Thompson (Exeland); Funniest: Tiana Meyers (Exeland); BEST of KIDS: Aden Peterson (Chippewa Falls); PACKER KING: Dean Johnson (Exeland) & PACKER QUEEN: Debbie Fetting (Bruce). The king and queen led the march of fans down Main Street to conclude a great event.

Association President Jim Gerber said, “The Packers event raised $600 for our organization. This is the amount that it costs us to maintain our main street building and assures us of being in business another year. We sure appreciate all of the support we get on this day. It’s a fun fund raiser. A big thank you to the community for helping out!”

The Association has taken some time off and skipped their quarterly meeting to be held in December. The next meeting will be held the 2nd Tuesday in March. Gerber commented, “We’re taking a break so we’ll be fresh for the upcoming year. The organization had another really good year. This can only be possible with the support of a very generous community. We helped maintain Swan Creek Park, supported youth baseball, organized the community picnic and the Trout Fest parade. We also have more plans for the history museum that we opened this year. Once again, we can not say how much the people of this community help us out. As long we have this kind of support we’ll always be willing to do the work to bring good things to our little town.”

TIME TO RENEW: Members can their send their $20 membership for 2018 to Janet Gerber – PO Box 35 – Exeland, WI 54835. Any business who would like to renew their ad with the newsletter can send their $40 to the same address. Also, we’re always looking for new memberships and new businesses to purchase ads. THANK YOU FOR YOUR SUPPOIRT!!



It’s that time of the year when we need to take the time to thank and recognize all of the people who donate their valuable time to help out their community in case of fire or other emergencies: Dave Veness (Chief), Jay Schott (Asst. Chief), Rod Knobeck (Captain), Ryan Thome (Captain), Jim Graves (Lieutenant), Melissa Knobeck (Lieutenant), Sue Kopras (Sec/Treas), Steve Korzenieski, Jim Joslin, Dick Schott, Chris Veness, Dick Veness, Julie Veness, Eric Rademaker, Leah Zesiger, Jerry Fillion, Colleen Schott, Ryan Villiard, Jerry Potter, Robert Deach, Gen Caturia, Zach Horan, Jennifer Peterson, Scott kemmitts & Candy Shrewberry.


This a very impressive lineup of good people and one of the reasons Chief Dave Veness and others have put together one of the best fire departments in the area. Good job!!!


On Friday, December 22 the dining customers at Brenda‘s Village Café were treated to a Christmas surprise when their meals were paid for by Rich Jerrick of Exeland.  It was a wonderful Christmas gift to everyone that day, creating a lot of smiles when no bill was given at the end of their meal. Your gift was greatly appreciated Rich!



Our Sincere Sympathy


The Exeland community would like to extend their condolences

on the recent passing of:


Marion Hartman (Sept.)

Donna Veness (Oct. 10)

Jeanette Aspseter (Oct. 14)

Philip Thompson (Nov. 10)

Fritz Luensman (Dec. 9)

                                                                                                              Wonderful people who will be missed by all of Exeland



Memory Lane


In remembrance of some of those

People who graced our community from years past:


Larry & Mary Kellogg


Art & Lydia Hanson


John Evans


Jocyne Clements


Skinny & Eileen Veness


To preserve the memories of a friend or relative

you can buy a spot on the Memorial Plaque in the café.

Contact Janet at the bank for more info.




The Village of Exeland has been very busy during this Christmas season.

The Winter Choir performed at First Lutheran Church on Wednesday, December 6. A nice crowd showed to hear some outstanding singing.

The Exeland Santa Shop returned to Weirgor Hall on Saturday, December 9. A lot of kids showed up to shop for nice gifts for loved ones. Santa was on hand to pass out bags of candy to all of the kids. A big thank you to Michele Meyers for providing this wonderful event each Christmas. Also, a big thank to all of her elves that helped out: Tiana Meyers, Hailie Granica, Breanna Kinsley, Rhonda Kelley. A big thank you to Santa (Bill Haymes) & Mrs. Claus (Shirley Bodner). Cleanup elves were Patti, Betty, Cheryl, Max and Conner. The Exeland American Legion donated the candy. Thank you everyone for your help and making this such a special day for kids.

The United Methodist Church had a big turnout for their annual Cookie/Candy Walk on Saturday, December 9. Everyone enjoyed the pie and coffee social area. The Afghan raffle was won by Janet Gerber. It was wonderful to see all the people come out to help with the fundraiser. The event made the church over $1,300 and the funds will be used for the church’s heating season. Thank you!

The Buckhorn Bar & Grill has been busy with several Christmas parties.

A lot of diehard Packers fans have been showing up to the Frontier Bar on Sunday’s to cheer on the Green Bay Packers. Todd is a great host.




Congratulations to Pvt. Morgan Mansky (daughter of Duane & Kim Mansky) on graduating from Basic Training in Missouri. She will be starting college in January and will be doing her monthly National Guard duties with her unit in Black River Falls. Thank you Morgan for your service to our great nation!



The Wisconsin Badgers football team was fun to watch this year as they posted a 12 – 1 record. Their only loss was to Ohio State in the Big 10 championship game. It was a good game that came down to the wire.

The Green Bay Packers won’t make the NFL playoffs for the first time in 9 years. Still, they provided us with a lot of fun times this year. It didn’t help that Aaron Rodgers miss a lot of the season.

Alex Schott was one of the standout players on the Birchwood High School volleyball team. Good job Alex!

Drew Anderson was named to the 2017 All-Conference football team. Congrats Drew!

Middle school wrestler Tanner Gerber recently won the Hawkeye National Tournament in Ames, Iowa. He also was named to the Wisconsin State wrestling and recently wrestled in Virgina Beach. He posted a 4 -0 record in the prelims to help Wisconsin to the Gold Round.

Don’t forget to support you’re the high school sports teams this winter. A lot of local athletes are having good seasons for their teams.



In October the fire dept. were called to Potter’s Farm to put out bales of hay that had started on fire. Over 400 bales were destroyed.

53 antique cars from the Twin Cities passed through Exeland in October. They were on a color tour through the Blue Hills and made a stop at Swan Creek Park. It was pretty neat to see such a lineup of old cars driving down Main Street.

Most of the local deer hunters enjoyed more success this 9-day deer season than in recent years. A few nice bucks were reported taken in the area.

Wayne & Carole Halberg enjoyed a safari trip to Botswana, Africa in November. They got to see a lot of African animals and considered a trip of a lifetime.

The Russians are under investigation for all of the recent snow that has fallen around Exeland. There is a possibility they are colluding with the National Weather Service to bring extra white stuff to our area.

Good luck to Greg Thorhaug on his recent retirement! Greg was a detective and deputy for the County for 23 years.

If there is a Hall of Fame for good pies than the peanut butter pie Lucille Henry makes would be in it.



Congrats to Meghan Ayers on being selected as the Student of the Month at Bruce High School. Meghan is the daughter of Randy & Michelle Ayers.

Congrats to Drew Anderson & Emily Mleczko on being selected the King and Queen at the Bruce High School homecoming this fall. Drew is the son of Any & Missy Anderson. Emily is the daughter of Chris & Amy Mleczko





Senior meals are served daily at the Senior Center in Exeland. Tuesday evening meals are served at 5:30 p.m. Please call ahead (715-943-2990) if you plan to come for a meal or to have a lunch meal delivered





The Exeland Rod & Gun Club held their annual Hunter’s Ball on Friday, November 3, at their clubhouse. Fifty members attended the Club’s most fun event of the year. Al Gerber, club president, said, “This is our way of celebrating another successful year by the organization and to reward the members for all of the hard work they have done over the past 12 months.”

Gun winners at the banquet were: Dean Johnson (Exeland), Pete Severin (Cameron), Bill Sly (Birchwood), Denny Kopras (Exeland), Ed Aspseter (Weyerhaeuser), Jim Gerber (Exeland), Bud Waite (Eau Claire), Al Gerber (Exeland), Brant Waite (Cameron), Curt Gerber (Hayward),

On Saturday, November 1, the Club invited 10 middle school/high school boys to a youth pheasant shoot at the J & B Hunt Club in Bruce. Nine of the invitees were able to attend the event and the group shot well and downed 14 of the 20 pheasants that were released on the hunting grounds. The kids attending the event were: McCoy Mansky, Drew & Kurt Chafer, Jake Thome, Ashtyn Waite, Justin Gordon, Danny, Chris and Kevin Brockman.

Event coordinator, Jim Gerber, commented, “This was an event sponsored by the R & G Club. We purchased the pheasants and provided all of the ammo plus the guns if needed. We invited youngsters who helped out with the Club during the year or have a parent who is a member. It was a tremendous day and a memory I’m sure all of the kids will never forget. Hopefully, we’ll be able to do something like this again next year.”

The Club’s “Big Buck Contest” for the 9-day gun deer season ended in a three-way tie. This year’s winners with all dandy bucks were: Jack Weisser (Exeland), Mike Granica (Exeland) and Kris Daniels (Twin Cities). Congrats guys on some nice bucks.

The Club discussed the recent deer season and most agreed the hunt was better than the past few years. However, the Club will be questioning the DNR about some recent changes in the structure of the annual hunt. One item in particular that they will be seeking a change is the new ruling allowing kids of all ages to hunt. Babies being legal to carry guns in the woods isn’t a smart thing.

The Club has offered help, financial or manpower, to the Exeland-Radisson ATV Club to finish the atv trail from Weirgor into Exeland. Gene Cutria, a member of both organizations said, “Some good people have done a lot of work to get this job finished. It surely will be a great thing for Exeland. Once we get it open I know it’ll be used a lot.

The Club’s annual rabbit hunt will be on Saturday, January 13th. All participants are to meet at the clubhouse by 8:30 a.m. This is a member’s only event. You can either start a team (maximum of 6) or call around to existing teams to see if you can join one of them.

The reigning champs are the Murry Bear Sissies team consisting of members Scott Ring, Larry Sander and two or three other local bums. Event coordinator Al Gerber said, “Last year Ring’s bums won the contest but they did have three very suspicious looking rabbits in the back of their pickup. We had the National Rabbit Investigators check it out but they said all of the kills were legal. We had no choice but to accept the decision and award the championship to this somewhat sneaky bunch.” If you happen to hear a few shots around town that day it’s only some very aggressive hunters after an elusive bunny.

At the monthly meeting in December the Club began planning their calendar of events for 2018. They have a lot of ideas in the works for the upcoming year to help the community and area hunting & fishing.

The Club would like to welcome new members Steve Rousle and Steve Schoepke who joined at the December monthly meeting. Both of them have recently retired, moved from the southeastern part to reside in the hills west of Exeland. Thank you for joining the Exeland Rod & Gun Club!

ATTENTION ALL MEMBERS: 2018 annual dues can be paid now.

If you would like to join the Exeland Rod & Gun you can send $20 to: EXELAND ROD & GUN CLUB – PO Box 92 – Exeland, WI 54835. We’re always looking for new members.





The Village of Exeland would like to say “Thank you” to Aaron Zesiger for the plumbing help he provides at Swan Creek Park each year.

A huge thank you to Darci and Kasey at the Buckhorn Bar & Grill. During deer season they raffled off a rifle. They made $1,200 on the raffle and donated all of the money to the Exeland Fire Dept.

The Village of Exeland, the Exeland Rod & Gun Club, and the Exeland Area Associaiton would all like to thank Chippewa Valley Bank & Rick Gerber for the generous donation of $500 to each organization. Village President Sue Kopras commented, “This is a nice gift to the village and to the two organizations. It’s really appreciated by all of us.”

Thank you Barb & Leonard Danielson for donating old school ledgers to the Exeland History Museum. It’s great they had the insight to save and preserve these books. Now they can be shared by the entire community for years to come.

The Exeland Area Association would like to extend a big thank you to Sandy Dantzman for putting this newsletter together for the community!!

















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