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The $2,000 the Exeland Area Association made at the April spaghetti feed was all donated to Exeland Youth Baseball.

The Association has agreed to organize the Trout Fest parade again this year.

A new flag was purchased for Swan Creek Park.

The Association and the Village of Exeland is having four new picnic tables constructed for Swan Creek Park.

On Wednesday, May 2, it was the annual clean-up day at Swan Creek Park. A big thank to all of these people who showed up to work: Rob & Gail Maroney, Denny & Elly Welling, Ryan, Mel & Trace Thome, Ron & Pam Huber, Norm Rademaker, Josh, Steve Roesle, Denny & Sue Kopras, Robert Deach, Dana Zebro (in her new blue jeans), Al & Nancy Gerber, Mike Waite, Jim & Janet Gerber, John Kaufman, Bimbo Gifford, Billy Gordon, Rick Villiard and Dave Vitcenda. A big thank you to all of you for helping your community!!

More items have been donated to the History Museum from the locals. Keep the stuff coming in to help preserve the memories of Exeland. Contact Jim Gerber at 943-2242 if have anything you would like to put on display.

The Association now knows how it will be spending the money that was donated for Swan Creek Park by the Shimko family and the Erv Englebrecht memorial fund. Jim Gerber stated, "We’re adding something to the Sonny Shimko Memorial. We’re going to keep it a surprise. It’ll be classy and a great addition. We’re hoping to have the new project completed within a month."


The History Museum, located on Main Street, will be open from 8:30 a.m. - 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, June 30 and Saturday, July 7. Stop in and enjoy all of the nice displays!


The Exeland Area Association will be sponsoring the annual Exeland Hall of Fame Baseball Tourney on Saturday, June 30. There will be three games played during the day beginning at 11:00 a.m. Stop by to enjoy the games, some good food and beverages! Always a fun day at the ball park!

Exeland baseball is 100 years old this year. Come out and help us celebrate this great occasion.


The Exeland Area Asscocation will be hosting the annual Community Picnic on Tuesday, July 3. The picnic will begin at 5:30 p.m. Everyone is welcome. Bring a dish to pass. No carry-ins, please! We have plenty of beverages on sale. Stay awhile to enjoy some good DJ music, or play horse shoes, bean bags and raffles. Also, this year there will be pony rides from 5:00 to 7:00 for the kids. Compliments of Dave Vitcenda. Thank you, Dave!

A great FIREWORKS display will take place at 10:00 p.m.!!!!!

Our Sincere Sympathy

The Exeland community would like to extend their condolences

on the recent passing of:

Sandra Shimko (March 22)

Sheran Hanson (June 5)

Dave Blake (June 20)

Wonderful people who will be missed by all of Exeland

Memory Lane

In remembrance of some of those

people who graced our community from years past:

Riley & Lorraine Whyte

Ralph & Freida Owens

Earl & Alice Wiggington

Bob & Elsie Doege

Walter "Hog" Hautamaki

To preserve the memories of a friend or relative

you can buy a spot on the Memorial Plaque in the cafe.

Contact Janet at the bank for more info.


It was an unbelievable tournament! Tanner Gerber (son / Dave & Patty Gerber) of the Cameron Middle School won the Greco-Roman State Wrestling championship in May. This earned him a spot on the Wisconsin Wrestling team and a chance to wrestle in the National Tournament in Spokane, WA. Tanner went on to post an 8 -0 record at the Nationals. He pinned 6 opponents, tech falled the other three and nobody made it to the second round against him. He only gave up one point during the 8 matches. Out of 64 wrestlers from around the U.S. he was the only one undefeated in his weight class. It truly was an incredible performance on the national stage.

Congrats to Drew Anderson (son / Andy & Missy Anderson) on being named to the Lakeland All-Conference spring baseball team. He was also named to the Ladysmith News All-Area team. Drew was a team captain this year and also earned a Gold Glove Award for his great defensive play. Also, congrats to his sister Halle Anderson on being named to the All-Area softball team. Both are students at Bruce High School. A family with a lot to be proud of!

Marina Mansky (daughter / Duane & Kim Mansky) was named to the Lakeland All-Conference and the Ladysmith All-Area softball team. She also was named the Most Valuable Player for the Bruce Red Raiders. The talented player can hit, pitch and run. She's only a junior so she’ll be back next year and will even be better! Good job Marina!

The Exeland Little League has two teams again this year. The Majors (age 10 – 12) and the Minors (age 6 -9). There are nearly 30 kids playing on the two teams. Both have had great seasons. The Majors placed 2nd in league play and were getting ready for the post season tournament. If they don't win the tourney this will be the first time in 20 years the Blue Jays haven't won either the league or tourney. The team is coached by Shad Strom and assisted by Mark Saffert. Thank you guys for donating a lot of your time to teach these kids.

It looks like a very good little league team is on the horizon. With 16 players on the Minors team, coaches Curt Gerber and Eric Rademaker have developed a very strong team for the future. The young Blue Jays team played outstanding baseball and should rack up some championships in the future. Thank you Curt and Eric for putting in the time to make these youngsters better players!

The Exeland (Braves) Babe Ruth team is off to another great start. The team is currently 5 -2 in the league and in first place. The roster has 16 players and is managed by Ryan Thome and assisted by Brian Brockman and Mark Zimmer. They have had a lot of exciting and close games so far. Make sure you stop at the park and watch a game. Thank you coaches for your dedication and the time you put in!


On May 19 the Exeland community had the opportunity to stop by the Buckhorn Bar and wish Lois Gerber a happy 90th birthday. The well-attended event was hosted by her children. Happy birthday Lois from everyone in Exeland!!

On May 27, Dave Vitcenda hosted a party at the Buckhorn Bar and invited all of the public. Dave stated there was no big reason for the party other just wanting to get good a lot of good people together to enjoy a fun time. It worked!! Nearly 200 people showed up to enjoy good polka music and food! Nobody likes Exeland more than Dave!

Danny Robers was hurt in a recent farming accident and was transported to Mayo Clinic in Eau Claire for his injuries. He suffered broken ribs and is now home recuperating. Heal quickly Danny!

Sending get well wish out to Billy Milner who is recovering at home from some recent health issues.

For the third consecutive year, Marshfield Area United Way will have a family leading the annual campaign in the fall, as Marty & Jennifer Anderson and their three children serve as 2018 Campaigning Drive chairs. Daughter Josie was named United Way's volunteer of the year in 2015. Quite an accomplishment for 15 a year old! Her mom Jennifer is the daughter of Jim and Mary Joslin. United Way helps homeless individuals. A big thank to the Andersons for a making a difference in people’s lives.


Congratulations to Meghan Ayers on being the recipient of the $200 scholarship given out by the Exeland American Legion Auxiliary. A great selection!!

Alex Schott (daughter / Jay & Colleen Schott was selected as the 2018 Prom Queen at Birchwood High School. The event took place on April 1. Congrats to this beautiful gal!!

Kevin Brockman (son / Brian & Anne Brockman), Hunter Adams (son / Troy & Jen Adams) and Justin Gordon (son / John Gordon & Sherry Gordon) were all members of the Bruce Prom Court. The event was held on April 7. Congrats to these three nice looking guys!!

Congrats to Holly Prochaska (daughter / Todd & Noelle Prochaska) on being selected to perform with the Lakeland Conference Middle School Honors Choir. Someday the next stop might be the Voice for this very talented young girl!

The Bruce Kiwanis was proud to announce that Drew Anderson (son / Andy & Missy Anderson) on being named Student of the Month for April at Bruce High School. Drew was a senior who just recently graduated. He was a top notch student at BHS and received many honors during his years in both academics and extracurricular activities. A well deserving honor for a good guy!


Nick Ferguson, owner of the Exeland Laundromat, is happy to announce they have added more washing machines in their main Street Laundromat.

This no doubt is one of the nicest laundromats in the country.


The Exeland Rod & Gun Club has already started preparing for the 26th Annual Trout Fest to be held on August 31, September 1 & 2. See the Trout Fest Notes in this newsletter to find out more details of some of the items that are currently going on.

The Club is getting set to put up a new home run fence at the softball field. It'll be a nice addition to the ball park when completed.

Denny Kopras missed the last meeting but nobody seemed to care.

A display with all of the annual Trout Fest buttons is now hung on the wall at the clubhouse. The very attractive button case was constructed by Dean Johnson. Thank you Dean!

The Club made a $200 donation to the Ojibwa Little League. Mike Granica says thank you!

A 1,000 rainbow trout were planted in Balsam Lake by the Rod & Gun Club.

The Club made a $500 donation to the Scope Family Fun Day held at Summit Lake Game Farm near Stone Lake. The event is an all day affair for kids to enjoy many different outdoor sporting games. It's a great time for many area kids to enjoy and the Club is always happy to participate.

The Club held their annual Kid's Fishing Expo is May and once again it was a huge success! Nearly a hundred kids received fishing poles and tips about fishing. Robert Deach, chairman of the day said, "This is one of the best things we do during the year and as always it was well received by the four schools who attended. We had a great turnout of workers so all went smooth. This always a very rewarding time for our organization."

Wow! Wait until you see the new float the Club has constructed for parades! It might be the nicest float in the country! Thanks to the members who were involved in this project!


Would you like to participate in either the Exeland Queen or Princess contest? If you do, contact Janet Gerber at 715-492-1073. Janet makes this a very special event and memorable experience! Sign up now! A pizza party and picture day will be taking place on July 31 at 5:30 p.m.

The $100 cash raffle tickets are now on sale. Also, there are $100 raffle tickets available for the Special 26th Anniversary Raffle. Contact any Rod & Gun Club member today to get yours now before they run out.

Get your pocket books ready! The Queens will be invading the area shortly to sell you 4-wheeler tickets and Trout Fest buttons.

Norm Rademaker is now selling tickets for the annual Trout Fest gun raffle. $5 per ticket or 3 for $10. You can contact him at 715-943-2413.

The 2018 Trout Fest shirts are in and can be purchased at Dairyland State Bank or the Exeland Depot. The nice looking shirts are only $12.

Anyone interested in the Bean Bag Toss Tournament can now start signing up. Once again, it's a co-ed tourney (guy & gal). Cost is $20 per team. The tournament will be held on Saturday, September 1. Contact Jim Gerber at 943-2242 to reserve a spot.


Thank you Rock Castle (Gene & Laura Caturia) for the nice $200 donation they recently made to Exeland Youth Baseball. The money was raised at their business through a raffle. The donation is very much appreciated!!

A huge thank you to these people for their generous donations they made for the upcoming Community Picnic: Lois Gerber, John & Ryan Villiard, Dave Vitcenda, Joanie Vitcenda, Brad & Brenda Beise, Buckhorn Bar & Exeland Depot. This is always a nice event for the community and it’s made even better by the generosity of these wonderful people.

A big thank you to everyone in the area who attended, worked at and donated to the Exeland Area Asscociation Spaghetti Dinner in April. The fund raiser made $2,000. All of the proceeds went to Exeland Youth Baseball for equipment and ball park maintenance. This year Exeland was able to sponsor three youth baseball teams with nearly 40 participants. A generous community no doubt is keeping Exeland baseball alive!

Thank you to the Exeland-Radisson ATV Club for getting the ATV trail opened up from Weirgor to Exeland. This now allows people even from the Tuscobia Trail to get to our community. Also, thank you to the Rusk County ATV Club for getting the ATV trail opened from the west and south. George Sihsmann had a lot to do with this. Anyhow, the two new trails are bringing a lot of new business and people to town. A wonderful thing!


Dow Jones announced the nation's stock market recently plunged due to the shortage of cold beer mugs available in Exeland. Dee Deach has the details on this catastrophe.

The Easter Egg Hunt was called off this year because of the weather. The annual hunt was scheduled to take place in mid-April. However, there was a foot of snow on the ground and then the day before the event a blizzard hit the area and dumped another foot of the white crap. Anyhow, Janet and Michele canceled the fun time. Not sure why … I guess they figure kids just aren't as tough as they used to be.

Al Gerber recently had surgery on the arm he injured while trying to do some logging. His arm is now in a sling. Jim Gerber, acting as spokesman for the injured individual, said, "This is the third time over the years that Alan has been hurt while operating a chain saw. Growing up we went to school together and were in the same grade. He was a bit slow back then and it appears not much has changed."

The big 100+ year old white pine that stood so proudly in the cemetery was toppled over by a recent wind. Upon seeing it Yogi Berra commented, "The oldest living thing in Windfall cemetery is dead."

Common question asked around the country. Is the famous fishing bait called the "Bimbo Skunk" or is it "Bimbo is the Skunk"?


On Saturday, June 16 shortly after 9:00 a.m., two CN trains collided four miles north of Exeland. The crash made headlines across the state. The Exeland Fire Dept. aided in the rescue of injured of injured workers and helped distinguish a large blaze. Fortunately, only one of the workers was hospitalized with non-life threatening injuries.


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