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Congrats to Kera Lyttle & Kyle Hart on the birth of their son, born January 23. Kaden Anthony Hart was 9 lbs. 9 oz. & 20 ¼ in. long. The proud grandparents are Robert & Dee Deach and Alan Hart. You also know grandma Brenda is looking down from heaven with a big smile on her face. Welcome to Exeland, Kaden!

Congrats to Keith & Stephanie Klinger of Westfield on the birth of their daughter, born February 16. Kira Persephone Klinger weighed 6 lbs. 13 oz. and 20 1/4 in. long. The proud grandparents are Bob & Bonnie Klinger.


The final games of the Frontier Bar were played on Monday, March 9. Congrats to Chris Veness & David Dantzman who took first place for the fourth year in a row. Dave Vitcenda & Norm Rademaker were 2nd, Todd Englund & Carol Lauzen were 3rd and Bob Halberg & Denny Welling were 4th. When asked to comment about their continued success, Dantzman said, "I guess Chris and I are just very good. We're just a couple of humble guys pounding the hell out of the competition." The Frontier players were now putting together their all-star team to take on the Radisson players in the annual two-night playoffs.


The Exeland Community would like to extend

their condolences to all the families on the recent passing of:

Helen Taylor (Jan. 5)

Robert Veness (Feb. 28)

Wonderful people to be missed by all of Exeland


In remembrance of some of the wonderful people

who graced our community years past:

Albert & Katherine Vitcenda

James & Olive Brown

Howard & Mildred Zimmerman

Larry & Mary Kellogg

Luke & Jean Birdsell

To preserve the memories of a friend or relative you can buy a spot on the

Memorial Plaque in the café. Contact Janet at the bank for more info.


Norma Specht of Indiana would like to “give her best wishes to everyone in Exeland. Norma was one of the Steigen girls who grew up in Exeland a few years back.

The Exeland community was saddened when Jeff Shimko & Kelly Nelson lost their home to a fire on Saturday, January 3rd. The home was located on Johnson Road in Meadowbrook. Everyone is hoping all goes well for the couple as they put their plans in motion to find or build a new home. Jeff & Kelly would like to extend a big thank you to the Exeland Fire Department for their great help the night of the fire and to all of the people in the community who have offered help since then.

Congrats to John Sullivan on his January 12th retirement. Sit back and enjoy!!

The Community Events Sign hasn't had any messages on it lately because it's in need of some repair work. Hoping to get it fixed soon.

Farewell to Mary Pat Vreeland of Bruce who passed away at her home on March 4th. Most of us will remember Mrs. Vreeland as the well-liked Spanish teacher at Bruce High School. She is survived by her husband Frank who was the banker in Exeland many years ago and was also a baseball player on the local team.

Understatement of the day: This winter sure was much better than last year.


Making the Fall 2014 Honors list at Vermilion Community College in Ely, MN is Kendra Wickersham (daughter Kerry & Mary Jo Wickersham). Congrats Kendra!

Making the Dean's List at UW-Eau Claire for the 2014 Fall Semester is Leah Suzan (daughter of Ken & Tammy Suzan). Good Job Leah!

Amanda Warner (daughter of Randy & Melissa Warner) has passed her state test and is now a Certified Nursing Assistant. Congratulations Amanda! Your hard work has been rewarded!

Earning first place at the 32nd annual SkillsUSA regional tournament held on Feb. 26-27 at UW-Stout was Mackenzie Thompson (daughter of Ron & Jackie Thompson). She used “job demonstration” to capture the prestigious award. Nice work Mackenzie!


Cary Brown for the generous donation to the Kid's Easter Egg Hunt.

Quilting Club for donating the meat bundle for the Spaghetti Feed raffle.

Nature for the nice early spring!


The Association held their quarterly business meeting on Tuesday, March 3. Items of discussion were:

Spaghetti Feed will be held 5 p.m. - 8 p.m. on Friday, April 17 at the Exeland Rod & Gun Clubhouse. Come and enjoy a great home cooked meal at a cheap price. There also will be a raffle for a meat bundle during the night. Come out and support us. It's always appreciated.

A new flag will be purchased in the near future to replace the one currently flying at Swan Creek Park at the Sonny Shimko Memorial.

The dates have been set for Exeland's annual July 4th celebration. The community picnic & fireworks will be held on Friday, July 3rd. The baseball tournament is tentatively set for Saturday, July 4th.

The Association once again has agreed to organize the parade for the annual Trout Fest held over Labor Day weekend.

SPRING CLEANING!! The date has been set for Swan Creek park clean-up at 5:30 p.m., Wednesday, April 22. A picnic for all workers will be held after the work is completed. Bring your rakes. RAIN DATE IS WEDNESDAY, APRIL 29.

Members of the Association have also decided on their big project for the 2015 year. They are now the owners of the brick building between the café and bank and will be turning it into their headquarters. Assoc. President Jim Gerber said, “We plan on remodeling the inside of the building and use it as our clubhouse and a place to store our business items such as table and chair rentals. Once we're done we'll also make it available for anyone to rent for garages sales, baby showers, etc. It should be a nice addition to main street.”

We're always looking for new members! If you would like to join the Exeland Area Association the annual cost is only $20. You can join by contacting Janet at the bank. The phone number is 715-943-2266. We contribute a lot to the community and have fun doing it.


The sports as our area knows it recently took a big jolt when Bob Veness passed away on February 28. Bob was the sports editor of the Ladysmith News and nobody could have done the job better. It was an enjoyment to pick up the paper each week and turn to the sports section. It simply was the best small town sports paper in the country. He never forgot where he came from and usually gave the Exeland athlete more coverage than a lot of us deserved. His sports insight will be missed.

How about the Wisconsin Badgers men's basketball team! Wow! What a great season. They've already won the Big 10 regular season championship and the Big 10 Tournament. Hopefully, they have a great run at the national championship. It's been fun watching them all season long and provided a lot of excitement during the long winter.

The Bruce High School boy's basketball team had a very good season and finished second in the conference. Some of the key players on the team were: Conner Kopras

( Denny & Sue Kopras); James Scoles (Trudi & Kelley Scoles); Carter Chafer (Craig & Cari Chafer), Chance Brown Rod Brown & Sue Ann Brown); Colin Wessman Randy & Carrie Wessman) & Jared Weisser (Brad & Jeannie Weisser). Drew Anderson (Andy & Missy Anderson). Good job guys and congrats on a winning season!

The Bruce High School girl's basketball team was on of the best in the conference this season and posted a very good record. Some of the key players on the team were: Morgan Mansky (Duane & Kim Mansky); Megan Ayers (Randy Ayers); Mgr. Kelsie Kopras – (Denny & Sue Kopras). Great job girls on your fine season!

One of the key players on the girl's Birchwood Middle School team this year was Alex Schott (Jay & Colleen Schott). Way to go Alex!!

The Winter Lady Warriors had another outstanding high school basketball season and were led by Kourtney Fischer (Korey Fischer & Julie Fischer) & Kari Mattmiller (Sheila & Jeff Nerby). Sheila Nerby is the coach who pointed the team in the right direction to all of their victories. It also looks like the future is bright for the Lady Warriors. The elementary team went 20-0 this year. Playing a big role on that team is Kate Pasanen (Scott & Jennie Pasanen). Jennie Pasanen is one of the coaches on the team. Congrats to the girls on their success.

Congrats to Ben Adams (Troy & Jen Adams) on winning the WIAA State Wrestling Tournament at the Kohl Center in Madison. Ben wrestled at 132 lbs. and lost only two matches during the year while posting the most career victories at Bruce High School.

Although he lost in the championship match for his bid to become a 3-time state champion you still have to take your hat off to Kal Gerber (Dave & Patty Gerber) on a remarkable high school wrestling career. He won 186 matches during his 4 years and posted a 137-3 record over the past 3 years. Kal also just finished 2nd in the Corn Cob National Tourney held in Des Moines, Iowa when he competed against 32 of the best high school wrestlers from around the nation in the 132 lb. weight class

Good job Tanner Gerber (Dave & Patty Gerber) on finishing in 5th place at the elementary (11 & 12 yr. old) Corn Cob National wrestling tournament in Des Moines, Iowa. Another up and coming star!

Bimbo Gifford revealed the reason why he's shed a lot of pounds and gotten in such good shape is so he has better stamina when he participates at the Trout Fest's bean bag tourney this year.


COMING SOON! The DNR and Exeland Rod & Gun Club are currently working together on a new project. Later this spring they will be stocking Balsam Lake with 2,000 rainbow trout. Balsam Lake is the small lake located in the village limits just southwest of the Rod & Gun clubhouse. Club president, Al Gerber said, “The lake will be open to the public for fishing once the fish are stocked. Right now we're working on the access to the lake. It's a great thing for the community and we encourage parents to bring their children fishing here. We want to thank the DNR for giving us this opportunity to help with this project. Hopefully, it's a success and something we can keep going for years.” The club will announce when the lake is open to the public for fishing.

Don't forget about the club's NATURE TRAIL that is open year around to the public. The trail is located at the Sports Center. The trail begins by the softball field and is nearly two miles long. There is no fee to use the trail.

Conner Kopras was the winner of the Club's Bow & Arrow Big Buck Contest. Congrats to Conner on shooting the biggest buck and out hunting all of the other members of the organization.

The Club held their annual rabbit hunt in January. This year the team of Chuck Lynk, Jim Tate and a friend were crowned the champions of the prestigious event. They won the contest with two rabbit kills. Out of the five teams entered there were only four rabbits shot. It was just four years ago when the teams shot a combined 83 rabbits. Event chairman Al Gerber said, “Well, the weather wasn't the best but I believe it's evident what the other problem is. I think the declining population of rabbits shows you how many predators are in the area. Between the coyote, wolf, fox and bobcat a rabbit's chances of surviving very long are slim.”

The Club held their annual ice fishing contest in February on Knutson Lake. Winners of the contest were: Bass: Ashtyn Waite – Cameron (this also was the biggest fish of the day); Perch: John Gordon – Exeland; Bluegill – Rod Brown – Exeland; Sucker – Bud Hover – Exeland; Crappie – Chuck Lynk – Exeland.

The Club will be holding their annual Fishing Expo in May for the area's school 4th graders. The kids will be learning many different aspects about fish and fishing from the Club members. At the end of the seminar each of the kids will receive a nice fishing pole from the Exeland Rod & Gun Club. It's always a good event and one the Club is proud of.

The Club has given a couple of donations recently to local schools to be used for a variety of projects.

At the last meeting it was voted 26-0 NOT!! to increase the price of beer at the monthly meetings. The price of a can a beer will remain at $1.00. There were a lot of big smiles around the room after the decisive victory.

Do you want to join the Exeland Rod & Gun Club!! The fee is only $20 for the year. We can always use new members. Contact any member to join or come to the monthly meeting at the clubhouse the second Sunday of each month at 6:30 p.m.


The Exeland Area Association would like to extend a huge THANK YOU to all of the businesses & people who advertise in our little newsletter. They are the ones who make this newsletters possible. Please check out each of the advertisements and if they have something you need check them out and support them. Once again, thank you for all who advertise with us!


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